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Who we are and what we do

Jelena Löckner, M.A. is both a cultural manager and narratologist, and has worked in pioneering social media projects for the cultural sector since 2008. She specializes in storyworld architecture and digital storytelling.

Rebecca Hagelmoser, M.A. is a narratologist and organizational psychologist, has worked in marketing for the steeling industry. She specializes in corporate storytelling and narrative techniques on the internet.

In 2014 we joined our interests and expertise to answer the need for strategic and applicable methods in storytelling – especially where storytelling is used as means to an end, as in marketing and branding. We help businesses, organizations and individuals in developing their own individual storytelling strategy suited to their communication needs.


Our Method

The NarraToolBox we developed is an easily adaptable storytelling framework (the NarraToolBox) based on concepts from narratology, media theory and marketing and branding methods.

It consists of three parts each containing a set of planning canvases:

A Storyworld ToolBox for mapping the brand world, for the narrative design of values and theme leadership

A Story ToolBox for designing, planning and execution the of individual brand or product stories over various media channels

A Diagnosis ToolBox, for diagnosis and avoidance of adverse effects, for evaluating whether narrative goals have been reached and for incorporating user-narratives.


Our goal is not a blueprint for transmedia storytelling, but to teach adaptable concepts to enable customers to tell their own stories, to take stock of authentic stories that are already there, and to strategically communicate them over a variety of media channels. Strategic storytelling is not a one-time experiment but an agile long-term strategy for corporate or organizational communication.


What We Offer

 Storytelling for Branding and Marketing: Conceptioning and Consulting

Branded Storytelling

Stories are a uniquely suited to transporting a brand’s values in an emotionalizing way. We help you understand how to create your brand’s storyworld, how to take stock of your stories, how to choose the right media, and how to deliver them to the greatest effect.

Storytelling for Products and Projects

Products today rarely stand for themselves, The company’s stories and values are communicated as well and are connected to contexts relevant for the target group. We develop the storytelling strategy for your campaign and make sure it enhances and compliments your brand and connects meaningfully to your customer’s contexts.

Project Management and Evaluation

We plan and execute projects, support evaluation and train your staff in the use of our toolbox canvases. We are happy to put our large, Europe-wide network of media experts to your service in bringing your projects to life.


Expertises and problem diagnoses

You are already running a transmedia storytelling project and are encountering unexpected difficulties? We are happy to help clients with diagnosing the problem, finding solutions or draft a strategy change. Whether you are still in the planning phase or already up and running your project – we help clarify the storytelling strategy, define goals, use media tools to their greatest effect. Above all, we help you make informed decisions by providing a well grounded basis for decision making rather than blueprints. Complex projects are our speciality!


Workshops and Training

We offer training workshops both in-house and at training institutions. Our workshops focus on the range of possible applications for storytelling in branding and communication, using a hands-on approach combining techniques from our NarraToolBox as well as practice examples from your field.


Talks and Presentations

As speakers at conferences and barcamps we love to exchange ideas with other professionals and aficionados in the latest developments and trends. In workshop-formats, round-tables or panels we explore possibilities and seek input from related fields.

Research and Method Lab

NarraTool lives the transfer of knowledge from narratology to practice – and back again. We keep refining our methods, looking for interdisciplinary cooperations and new applications for storytelling. We accompany all our activities in a scientific way and are always happy to cooperate with higher education institutions, research projects and researchers from our or adjacent fields.

Publications (selection):

Puschmann&Hagelmoser. 2015. Corporate Blogging and Corporate Social Media. In: The Routledge Handbook of Language and Digital Communication. London, Routledge.


Bespoke solutions

We offer solutions tailored to your communication needs and your specific context. Storytelling may be the answer to most, but not all communication needs. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our ToolBoxes are not a blueprint but an adaptable model build for you to pick just what you need. Please contact us to receive a personal offer.


Current Projects:

Our clients include art and cultural institutions, institutions for special training, continuing and higher education, as well as gaming and technology companies. While our main expertise lies in the cultural sector, the NarraToolBox is adaptable for any business area.


We are happy to serve international clients in English.